What if choosing the right wine for you or a specific occasion was not complicated at all? That’s what we at WineTag set out to do with Brazil’s first Social Network for wine and wine lovers. From there, WineTag went mobile with Apps for iPhone, Android and an enterprise solution for iPad designed exclusively for restaurants and wine stores, providing users with detailed and comprehensive information and user-generated reviews for over 45.000 wine labels wherever they are and whenever they need.

The new WineTag App allows users easy and quick access to information and reviews for wines, restaurants and stores, and also provides food pairing suggestions for over 3000 dishes. Today, over 100 restaurants are already equipped with WineTag’s enterprise software for iPad: a completely customized and interactive digital wine list and menu that replaces the traditional paper wine list. With our solution, customers can choose the perfect wine and food pairing for them, see what thousands of other have to say about the restaurant they’re at or the wines on the list and leave their own review for everyone to see.

From the start, WineTag was built to be a multiplatform, completely integrated, solution. All database and functionalities are shared between every platform. We used Titanium to build a Social Wine List on iPad for restaurants and a mobile App for consumers. The consumer App was 100% built using Titanium and the same code was used in the enterprise.  We reused 95% or more of our code to run on borth iOS and Android. 

The App uses Appcelerator Cloud Services to send custom emails to our users, uses ImageFactory Module and Barcode Scanner Module from Appcelerator MarketPlace so users can access wine information by reading barcodes and take pictures of the bottle in the correct format. Facebook integration is done using Titanium Facebook module.

Unlike the first version of WineTag’s mobile app, this new release is completely made using Titanium. The new Enterprise version was released in September 2012, and the new Consumer App will become available in October 2012.

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