What it does

Tracks habits

How we built it

Vue (Quasar) for the front end Flask for backend

Challenges we ran into

First time using Quasar (in a personal project) and first time using Flask

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Delivered something despite not having much time to be able to work on the project

What we learned

What's next for Wholesome habits Tracker


Built With

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GitHub -

Inspiration - Exercising and other good habits are essential for people's health, our application help users to keep track of what they have done to help them develop a good habit in the future.

What it does - User select a bunch of options and write details of today's exercise or good habit, then our app will create a log for the user. User can see the past log at anytime.

How we built it - Quasar for the frontend, and python for the backend. Quasar can make beautiful UI and also it is capable of create an app that can only runs on the browser but also as a native application on Windows and Android. Using Python Flask and Flask Restful library to build an API to communicate with frontend. For the database, we choose SQLAlchemy which is a popular choice to work with Flask to build a demo.

Challenges we ran into - Me, Jingshi, have never create an API and using a database. It's a new experience for me to create a frontend - backend application. I spent a lot time to learn create an API and using database. I'm happy it works in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We work on the side we are not very familiar and devote time and effort to build the project while learning. We were pushed to move forward and learned new knowledges. Also, we are good friend right now. We know each other better What we learned - Teamwork! Quasar! Flask API! SQLAlchemy Database!

What's next for Wholesome habits Tracker - Improve the application to make it fully functioning and the code scalable.

Built With - Quasar Vue Flask SQLAlchemy

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