CoderDojo inspired me to share my coding passion with kids. But, if I only teach coding for kids around my neighbourhood, my outreach will be limited.

What it does

Therefore I built a web based solution for kids, teacher and parents world wide (but mainly focus for Indonesia) to interact in a community of passionate share holder in improving their kids coding skill.

I separate the channel of communications like below:

The main entry for kids, is in the RPG world. Just like RPG, they will explore dungeons, meet NPC or other online player and journey in quests through obstacles that can only be passed by having a certificate in .. coding. This obstacle will open up a window that consist of screencast of teaching code for kids. There, they will need to accomplished coding tasks. For those who passed, a certificate will be given/their XP increased/armor/etc, then they will journey for more coding task/skill.

This way, they will progressing in coding skill in a fun way!

How I built it

The web is built with Django, with Messenger API that inform in real time parent FB account for the accomplishment of their kids. "Hey, your kid has just passed Looping section in Python. Total time learn this week: 4.5hours!".

The facebook application that we use required the following:

  • Facebook Login
  • Facebook Page Messaging Permission
  • SendAPI, works with tester

For facebook tester application that you can use, try this account: email: password: Tester101

This will make sure that as parent, you will get notification of your kids progresses throughout the virtual world

Challenges I ran into

I am a noob in game development. But helps me a lot! There are still lots and lots of work need to be done to really implement the massive feature of gamification in the virtual world. I am pretty sure that will eventually come to real world in the nearl future. For now, let's see what we have gathered so far. I really proud of what we achieve so far!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The FB group community are steadily increasing, as for now, it still 70-ish member. But those who commited in introducing their kids to coding, really give a positive feedback on this remote learning experience. I also really excited on seeing the FB Messenger bot come alive and able to interact with the visitor (still for tester only)

Also, my work has been known by the Ministry of Informatics of our country. Last week, Whizkids Indonesia has been asked to work together with Kantor Staff Presiden to teach coding by means of game development using Scratch. Really an eye opener experience for me to see Scratch able to entice newbie to coding. Love it! Reference in our media, keyword: LIDI Sleman

What I learned

Teaching kids is fun! The bot is amazing! FB is a great platform to improve community!

What's next for Virtual World

An open user generated content for author that would like to contribute their coding curriculum.

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