Dave has an iOS app, Word Alert, that sends push notifications for bible verse of the day. Word Alert has 120,000 users a month and Dave wants to grow the app to include more translations and languages and find ways to monetize it so he can work on it full-time.

Jacob's church uses a web app to handle event check-in. The church has had problems with scaling the app and it has crashed on them several times. He would like to develop a more reliable white label web app that would allow church leaders to manage events and families, both for his church and other churches to use.

What it does

WhiteLabel Church App combines these two ideas into one by creating a white label web app that could be used by church leaders for event management and a native application that church members could download and use to check in to events, but also receive push notifications for things like daily verses or see other church events.

How we built it

Dave's iOS application has been built using mainly Objective-C, but with Swift for new features. He is also planning on using Digital Bible API for getting the Bible verses in different versions or translations.

For WhiteLabel Church App, although nothing has been built yet we envision that there could be an iOS app built with Swift and an Android app built with Java or C# (using Xamarin). Additionally the verses could be taken using the Digital Bible API. The web application would be built with React on the front end and Java and/or C# on the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Large scope; only brainstorming has been done so far, nothing has been built yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Cool ideas.

What we learned

Needs a lot of work and more development.

What's next for WhiteLabel Church App

Need more time/developers to build the application.

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