Parking in New York is a nightmare. Each street has its own regulations, and it's often unclear where you're allowed to park or not. Our project was to help that process by visualizing where you're allowed to park and when.

How it works

Using public data provided by the NYC department of transportation, we parsed sign data to identify which streets you can park on and when. Using geolocation, we then visualized data using Leaflet. The interface allows the user to select a time, day, and location, and the map shows them available spots for parking near their desired location at their place and time. We used the Beaker API for exploratory preprocessing and setting up the visualization.

Challenges I ran into

City data is big and messy. Geolocation is also hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time analyzing large amounts public data

What I learned

Cleaning messy data takes a long time.

What's next for Where Should I Park?

Parking garages, more fine-grained increments, mobile app for on-the-go

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