We came up with the idea initially as a simple, futuristic-yet-retro coin collector game. However, we got very hungry from the delayed pizza dinner, so we decided to switch it up and made the user-controlled characters collect pizza slices against hungry pac-man-shaped enemies who wouldn't hesitate to hurt you for the delicious food.

What it does

Within the game, you control a box-shaped protagonist who is hungry for pizza. Along the battle, you will be presented with pizza slices (of course) along with various power-ups and recovery items to aid you as you proceed.

How we built it

At its core, the graphical images were generated through the Pygame libraries, built on top of Python 3. We also used the Python socket library to control the connections between separate machines.

Challenges we ran into

We never worked with sockets and inter-machine connections before, so working with those new technologies were a challenge for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally got the connection technologies working after hours of work.

What we learned

We learned a lot about socket connections.

What's next for Where Mah Dinner At (Program)

We are looking to add other features such as power-ups, weapons, etc. to the program.

Domain name challenge submission

We are hungry.

Built With

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