We wanted to analyze our chats. There are plenty of solutions as websites but many people, including us, do not feel comfortable with uploading our chats to a stranger's website.

What it does

The API is capable of analyzing basically everything that a message contains: Date (Time), Content, Author. With a complete chat history we can calculate average reply time, sentiments (via emojis), punctuation, average message-length, time of highest chat-activity and muuuch more.

How we built it

We focused on a stable, efficient and clean API that can be used for apps and websites. For demonstration purposes we designed an Android app with a very basic UI.

Challenges we ran into

Well, one of us, Jan (The author of this text), had to get used to a new language: Kotlin. So that took quite some time. Furthermore, we had trouble with our IDE's endless updates and the design of an app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The API's sourcecode is beautiful! And even the hugest chats we tested are analyzed in under 100ms.

What we learned

Well, Jan learned Kotlin, and Leon learned how to teach Kotlin, I guess. Furthermore, we learned how different date formats can be formatted and how Kotlin works with Android Studio,

What's next for WhatWasApp

Create an actual app with the API for Android and iOs.

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