To avoid the time you spend thinking about what to cook and then do groceries accordingly and utilizing this saved time in doing something fun.

What it does

This web application randomly selects a dish from the list of 1800 dishes. It then shows an image of the dish to the user, if the user is satisfied with the way it looks they can choose to go forward to the recipe and the ingredients and details about the time it takes to prepare. If not satisfied with the way it looks, the loop continues (Highly unlikely that you won't like a wegmans recipe when you look at it.)

How I built it

With the help of the Wegmans API We hit for all the recipes, then selected 1 out of 1800 recipes, fetched the image link of the dish and then displayed that image along with storing the url of the dish alongside for later use. If the user liked it the url is used to get the ingredients and cooking directions for the recipe.

Challenges I ran into

Very dumb HTML and CSS issues. Making me cry for my life.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overcoming dumb HTML and CSS issues and not giving up.

What I learned

Python is very flexible, Wegmans API is very nicely designed but needs work on it.

What's next for Whats for dinner?

The application currently only works in Safari and Firefox. Mostly resolving the Chrome issues and running the web application on all platforms except Internet Explorer because we aren't living in ice-age


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