What’s Near With Gear lets you find nearby places of interest using your Gear watch. Choose a category (such as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets) and the app will find a list of nearby places, powered by Foursquare. You can then tap a place to find out more information and load the Foursquare venue page on your connected smartphone or tablet.

The settings let you choose:

• the distance you want to search

• whether to display distances in km or miles

• how to sort the results

• what information to show in the results list

Use the "Go the Extra Mile" feature when searching for nearby places to search again over a larger distance.

What’s Near With Gear only retrieves your current location when it needs to, avoiding battery drainage.

The app is available on Samsung Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear S smartwatches. It is an integrated Gear app, meaning it is installed via the Android host device (the smartphone or tablet the Gear watch is connected to).

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