Inspiration: Friends that wasted hours deciding the right place to go, Incoming students to NEU that missed out on so much because they didn't hear about it. Our tagline--> Dont miss anything anymore!!

What it does: We get a live feed of whats happening around you wherever you go. You to see a list of events that are trending in a location you're at. If you're party goer or a very social person this is the ideal app for you. If you're an introvert you can still use and avoid these places that are "buzzing". :)

How we built it: We use facebook's graph search API to parse businesses in an area that are trending based on checkIns and ratings.

Challenges we ran into:Access to Facebook's public feed is restricted and would require a screening before access rights are approved. Twitter data was not really reliable as it didn't really tell you what places are trending.Spam pages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Found a way around Facebook not providing access to public feed yet we still provide very reliable results as displayed. Learnt everything about UX design as none of us are well versed with UI design.

What we learned: Pitching a business idea. Real world products take 3 hardworking,committed friends and an overnight haul to build. :)

What's next for What's happening? What's happening will be integrated with an AI engine that is ready but hasnt been coupled together yet. With this socially outgoing folks will see very different posts as per their likings.

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