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The solution that puts the information you need in one sheet is now for families.

  1. Dr. Larkin, a Primary Care Physician in NYP Cornell’s Ambulatory Care Network, is seeing Sam and his mother Melissa for a routine visit to manage his diabetes and other chronic conditions. Dr. Larkin has been using WellSheet for quite a while to accelerate his own workflow and opens WellSheet through his Epic EHR system so that he can do his documentation and place his orders while viewing Sam’s health information in the WellSheet format, significantly reducing the time he needs to spend with the EHR.

See Dr. Larkin’s WellSheet application here: http://app-2613.on-aptible.com/patient/1137192

Use the following credentials: Username: jlarkin@nyp.org Password: nypchallenge

Put yourself in Dr. Larkin's shoes and navigate around Sam's WellSheet. Drag and drop the tiles to surface a data point of interest. View his drop down of conditions and notice the different tile layout of each*. These data have mostly been extracted via FHIR from multiple different publicly accessible servers (see the list below**), with the exception of the external integrations.

Notice that Sam’s asthma has been acting up, which Dr. Larkin can see based on an integration with smart inhaler company Propeller Health. This tile makes Dr. Larkin realize that Sam should see a specialist soon to help with his cystic fibrosis.

Dr. Larkin refers Sam to Dr. Brian Smith, a Pulmonologist at NYP Columbia. He knows that since Dr. Smith is at Columbia, he uses a different EHR system, called Crown, and cannot easily access Sam’s Cornell records stored in Epic, so he makes sure to share Sam’s WellSheet with his mother Melissa to bring it with her when they go.

Click the share icon in the upper right-hand corner to email Sam's WellSheet to his mother Melissa.

Enter Melissa’s email: mjohnson1771@gmail.com

  1. Now, envision yourself as Melissa, who is exploring Sam's WellSheet for the first time. You check her email at www.gmail.com, using her email above and her password, 'nypchallenge'. There, you are provided with a link to the mobile app.

Alternatively, you can open it here: https://app.reploy.io/apps/EPq38knpOM/test?inviteToken=ttTfICuf_ClxiBAiun9s

Once you've logged into the app, you can see Sam's medication and other data. The sidebar menu (must drag to pull) in the top-left gives you the option to see Sam's Care Team. There, you can see the clinicians that work with Sam and whether they are WellSheet users. Remember, Melissa will be bringing Sam to see Dr. Smith soon, so go ahead and add him to Sam's care team. Dr. Brian Smith is a Pulmonologist at NYP Columbia*, and feel free to include your own email or Melissa's as Dr. Smith's email address.

Go back to the sidebar menu (drag to pull) and to see Sam's Family. Here you can decide who in the extended family will be updated about Sam's progress in overcoming his conditions and what they'll be updated about. From the Accounts menu on the sidebar, you can see the other WellSheet users in the family. Notice that Dr. Larkin shared Sam's WellSheet with Melissa, but Melissa can give Sam direct access to it as well. Sam just turned 10 and is very mature for his age, so go ahead and activate his account.

Please view this video for Sam’s experience accessing the mobile app, which provides a child friendly approach to learning about health information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXUFNS1_p4I&feature=em-upload_owner

Finally, see a video for Dr. Smith’s experience accessing the WellSheet that Melissa shared via email: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5stsRIYFaHk&feature=em-upload_owner

*Full disclosure: The WellSheet team has been working on the algorithm that drives the prioritization of the tiles based on their clinical context for months before the NYP Challenge competition. The clinician-facing interface, though, has been totally revamped, and the patient-facing interface is brand new for the NYP Challenge.

**The servers and patients we accessed for the challenge are the following: SMART sandbox: https://fhir-open-api-dstu2.smarthealthit.org, patient: 1137192 Hapi FHIR: http://fhirtest.uhn.ca/baseDstu2, patient: 43227 NavHealth: navhealth.herokuapp.com, patient: 56cb408cb5d8bf3b54f5a183

Built With

  • design:-adobe-illustrator-|-programming-languages:-html/css
  • javascript-(meteor
  • react
  • react-native)
  • objective-c-|-apis:-smart-on-fhir
  • navhealth-|-hosting:-aptible
  • reploy
  • youtube
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