The eCards industry is huge yet the tools available to create community vibrant cards are very limited. Group cards are great for many occasions. A personal touch of handwritten notes are priceless to the recipient. Until now, these types of ecards are buried and lost after they are received because it cannot be indexed and searched. With the coming of the iPad Pro and the Pencil device, the time is now to bring back handwriting as a medium.

What it does

Introducing Well Wish Card ipad app. A truly interactive and social tool to create group card easily with smart archives. Users can add icons, text, handwriting, and customize background for any special occasions. Cards are available in both Portrait and Landscape view. Using MyScript CDK, all handwriting and text are stored for later retrieval. Once saved, each card can be Mailed physically to any address. Group mode is available if user chooses to allow others to add to the card. The owner of the card has the final power to edit and finalize the card to be sent.

How I built it

The app uses MyScript to recognize the handwriting. Group cards are done by managing many different layers from various users to form a final card.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was granting access to multiple users to add to the card. Edit mode and permission settings were hard to test. Additionally, the UI for both portrait and landscape required fine tuning to enable group mode for everyone to see.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very happy that users can freely edit their individual layer if they wish to change afterwards. The owner of the group card has the power to move and adjust every additions to ensure that the final card looks right.

What I learned

Social apps are hard!

What's next for Well Wish Card

The actual order of mailing the physical card is still pending. Still need to figure out pricing and credits. Many things are still waiting on the third party API.

Built With

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