More than often, we want to adjust the brightness of our phone but we do not know the exact brightness of our surroundings. Here is where WeLit comes in. It saves you from having to use your eyes!

What it does

WeLit has a light sensor to detect five different levels of brightness and give you an appropriate response which will for sure help you to do absolutely nothing!

How we built it

WeLit was built with the help of flutter, dart and canva. We used a plugin called light which would detect the brightness of our surroundings and return a numeric value. Using this numeric value we built our if-else cases which would be displayed on the user's screen.

Challenges we ran into

Sadly, as WeLit is the first of its kind, we were not able to fix our phone's brightness while building it as we had no idea about the brightness of our surroundings!

What we learned

We learnt how to access the camera of our phone and most importantly we learnt the brightness of our surroundings!

What's next for WeLit

We want to expand WeLit to detect not only light but also noise so that the user can adjust the volume on their phone!

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