The University of Massachusetts and the Open Indicators Consortium (OIC) are developing a high-performance data analysis and collaborative visualization platform to transform publicly available data into visually compelling, actionable indicators to inform public policy and community decision making. After two years of development the University of Massachusetts Lowell, supported and guided by the eight Founding Members of the Consortium, will release version 1.0 of its data visualization software called Weave (Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment). The software is freely available for nonprofit and government agencies and will be downloadable at the end of Q1 this year by which time the Founding Members will release their new websites showcasing Weave's full capacity across four states, four US regions and many municipal and sub-municipal geographies. Weave allows a range of users to explore, analyze, visualize and disseminate data on-line from any location at any time. The new platform offers multiple levels of user proficiency from novices to advanced researchers, advanced security features, and the ability to integrate, disseminate and visualize economic, social and environmental data and indicators at "nested" levels of geography-from micro to macro. The OIC is now looking ahead to years 3-5 of continued development, innovation, refinement of Weave and its dissemination, as well as to ways of support of a growing collaborative community of developers and users. The submission is an instance in Weave, visualizing the entire set of the Millennium Development Goals indicators retrieved from the World Bank’s Data Catalog. Clicking on the indicators in any of the tools the users can change these indicators and navigate through the UN MDG hierarchy. All the tools are interactive, panels are moveable, resizable, and exportable. Weave provides a remarkable flexibility: almost everything in the visualization environment is customizable by and/or for the user, allowing the visualization of data at any level for anyone.

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