WATiSPEND is an web app for University of Waterloo students with a meal plan. It is specifically designed to help fiscally inexperienced first-years keep track of food expenses purchased with their WatCard.


  • Bar graph displays recent purchase history from uWaterloo Food Services
  • Returns average $ spent per day and week at uWaterloo Food Services
  • Computes a Suggested Cost Per Day, which represents the amount a student should spend each day to end up with a zero balance at the end of term.

As financially irresponsible first-years, we recognized the need for some sort of budgeting tool. Since the financial reports prepared by uWaterloo were unorganized and inaccessible, we constructed a web app that displayed relevant financial data in a user-friendly way. When you enter your login, we crunch the numbers and show you everything you'll need to manage your food expenditure.

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