Our inspiration was ESDS (The Earth Science Data Systems), which provides full and open access to NASA's collection of Earth science data for understanding and protecting our home planet. Our main idea was to create something similar.

What it does

WaterInfo is a web app that provides the client the ability to define a drinking water source/lack location with a detailed description. All these locations are added to the database and are visualized on interactive maps with detailed information.

How we built it

First of all, it started with finding a tool that could visualize data on a map. After google searching for a while, we ran into a tool for python called "Folium" that could handle interactive map visualization with markers, area definitions etc.

Secondly, we chose a framework to handle all the templates and backend stuff. We ended up choosing Flask, because of its straightforward architecture and also, the reason that Folium had an example of integration with Flask.

Finally, it was a matter of 10+ hours of development, learning, surfing through various tools documentation, watching YouTube tutorials and etc.

Challenges we ran into

During development and brainstorming, we encountered many complex challenges that needed a solution and answer.

  • Data gathering from clients (input forms etc.)
  • Data visualisation on map
  • General idea of the app (How to define water lack, source locations, etc.)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully managed to visualize precise locations of water sources and scarcities.
  • Managed to create information-gathering input forms

What we learned

  • Got more proficient in Git and Github
  • Learned how to visualize data on a map with python (Folium library)
  • Got more proficient in Flask and Python

What's next for WaterInfo

  • Creation of machine learning algorithm that will predict water lack locations based on previously entered locations and on factors like humidity, temperature, water quality and etc.
  • More detailed maps with heatmaps of water quality, pH, and pollution levels around the globe.
  • Directions to a nearest water source
  • Check for locations with water sources
  • Main page design changes
  • Location precise add with map
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