i have the idea to create complete healthcare system using cloud services.and after my small experience as software developper and amazon administrator. i decide to create small application using different amazon services

What it does

the system control the health of patient by receiving the mesure of tree elements:temperature, breathing, glucose and display it in website.and when something goes wrong the system send notification to mobile application

How I built it

for the sonsors i used raspbery-pi with node red to simulate data and send it (json format) to aws-iot service, this service based on received values it trigger two actions : the first action saved json data in s3 bucket, the second action send notification throught sns service when something happen(temperature rise for example).

Challenges I ran into

the challenge is how to simulate data, and how can i use the best amazon services to create this system

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

i learned how amazon services can communicate between each other, and also how i can make system with iot concept without need to buy expensive materiels.

What's next for watch my health

the next step is to complete this system to manage meeting dates between patients and doctors, and also give the possibility to each based on his access authority(admin, doctors, nurses) to follow the status of their patients in real-time.another thing is applying machine learning algorithms to make it smarter.

how to test

to test the application check document in google drive link to see the necessary steps to follow. and to download the android application file

Thanks for your help and i hope you enjoy

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