The process of international money transfers is difficult to understand or study, in part due to a lack of easy methods to process and visualize international financial data. In order to make this crucial process more transparent, we wanted to create a website that would draw global financial data and present it to allow readers to discover inefficiencies in markets.

What It Does

WarshallBank uses historical data to determine the costs associated with transferring money from one country to another. It then allows users to see graphs that summarize all international money transfer costs, the most efficient transfer routes for a pair of two countries, and all costs associated with sending money from a single company to any other.

How We Made It

The data visualization was executed with d3. Data processing was carried out with Python and networkx, and the website was built on HTML, CSS, React, and Flask.

We're particularly proud of implementing the algorithmic component of finding the most efficient paths, and using this to construct different kinds of graphs.

Future Goals

In the future, a more comprehensive dataset could be used to allow users more flexibility. In addition, we could add more data (both quantitative and qualitative) to paint a comprehensive picture of financial factors.

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