Being a streamer and developer I'm always running out of time to do things, so when a viewer sends me a gift or package to my POBOX, I want to make sure the package is there. Sometimes when I would get to the post office to pick up the package there was a delay and I ended up having to go back in a day or two. Or worse yet showing up and it's not there and I have to try and get a tracking number from the person who sent it!

What it does

This panel allows the viewer to easily post their tracking number in the same area that they got the streamers POBOX information in the first place. That way the streamer doesn't have to worry about where the tracking numbers coming from Twitch Chat, Discord, Twitter, Email or any other number of ways a viewer might try and contact them. All of the packages and info are in one nice easy spot.

It also creates a way for the viewer to put an additional message with the package, like "Don't open until Friday!". We even made it fun and easy for other viewers to get in on the action with leaderboards! Now you can find how what viewer sends the most packages and everyone else will know it too!

How we built it

We built it using AWS Lambda functions and dynamoDb. When a viewer first enters their tracking number we attempt to match it up to one of our compatible carriers, if we're unsure of the exact carrier we may prompt the user. This lookup is done by a Lambda function.

Once the lookup is complete and the package is valid, we ask the user to send their message and we create an entry in our dynamoDb. We then continue to check the status and will alert the streamer in the Live Config when a package is delivered.

Challenges we ran into

Coming from traditional type servers where we run and manage the entire system ourselves moving things over to AWS services was a bit of a challenge. We found ourselves constantly changing decisions on what AWS technologies to use and which ones would be the most effective.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our ability to have a quick turn around on a smaller project that we felt was useful for the streaming community while still focusing on our larger projects.

What we learned

While it may seem a little overwhelming at first using AWS, it really can help decrease the amount of time needed for development. What once felt like the impossible, turned out to be super easy and efficient once we got over how many things we could choose from.

What's next for Warp Post

We plan to add more package carrier support so that the extension can be used by just about anyone. We are also thinking of ways to integrate bits so that viewers can spend them when adding their package and maybe the streamer will do a special boxing for those packages. We also want to setup additional alerts either though Twitch Chat or a stream overlay for OBS/xSplit that can alert when packages have been submitted or delivered!

Finally we plan to spend some time skinning and providing options for the streamer to be able to customize the look and feel of the panel to fit with their own style!

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