We wanted to create a app for people to arrange local clean ups in their area to clean up the environment. We believe the power of many small clean ups can have a big impact on preserving our world, and therefore wanted to make it easier to do.

What it does

This is a website that allows people to host their own clean up events and participate in other's clean up events.

How we built it

We originally tried to use node.js, but due to our lack of experience with node.js we had issues writing new HTML files to the proper directly. We then only had less than 2 hours left so we recoded it in PHP forking one of team member's old projects for online store listings and recoded it to fit our needs.


Code Forked from:

Challenges we ran into

Learning Node.js Writing files with Node.js PHP issues Rebuilding the project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working app that is useful to people and furthers the planet! We furthered our knowledge of Node.js and wrote over 100 working lines. Learned many new Node.js concepts We learned how to take a user's location in JS.

What we learned

Spend less time brain storming and more time building. There are times to use tools you are familiar with and times to learn. We learned more about node.js , backend webdev, and js in general.

What's next for Want to Help The Earth

Better Styling! - with better mobile support Fixing the Google Maps system! - due to my API key not working bc I have not enabled billing Display more info on the event's page Possibly setting up and account system Maybe make it a public website

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