Safety Features

The app shows a live Camera feed from the camera on the device to the user while he/she is walking and texting, navigating, reading an email or a news article (or even gaming). The app can be used with any other preinstalled app or as a standalone texting app with multiple features (the iOS app can only be used as a standalone app, due to iOS limitations). By showing the live feed from the camera behind the text app, navigation software or others, the users can see any obstacles on their way and thus avoid collisions.

Millions of people worldwide continue to use their phones while walking, regardless of the risks, so I decided to develop an app which will at least improve their safety and reduce or even avoid risks of collisions between pedestrians, vehicles or other objects. A very positive feedback from the users of the app and a high star top 100 ranking both on iOS and Android suggest that this goal has been achieved, that the app has been used on a daily basis so it has been improved over the years in an effort to make walking and texting (or navigating) a more safe endeavour to pedestrians.

The app also has a built-in flashlight button so it makes texting and walking in the dark very convenient (I personally use the flashlight feature of the app while texting when I need to walk the dog early in the morning or at night). It not only illuminates the way, but also makes the screen a little brighter for better viewing.

Supported OS

The app is available across different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Bada and Tizen) and supports thousands of devices. The app has generated hundreds of thousands of paid and free downloads and will soon welcome its million downloader. It was the first transparent app on Android when it was launched in late 2010 and has been continuously improved ever since, most recently with the new universal mode.


A short demonstration video can be found via the Queen Latifah show. Queen Latifah liked the app so much and asked us if she can show case it to her viewers in the "Click and Stick" part of the program:

A short promo video showcasing some of the basic features of the iOS app

Android promo video:


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