So @Murby and I do this weekly video show called Wakey Wakey and it's pretty great. Of course, getting subscribers & spins is tough. Then this morning I saw the new Echo Show and I thought to myself - I wonder how hard it'll be to get your video show on there... But since that won't be available until late June, I figured I could make Wakey Wakey an option for flash briefings. No video -- but you'd still get the point of our stories, etc.

So I did it and it took like... maybe 45 minutes tops.

What it does

Once you add Wakey Wakey to your Echo Skills, you'll hear our latest episode every time you start your Flash Briefing.

How I built it

I wrote a little Jekyll plugin to generate a JSON feed with the latest episode details and I wrote a Python script to extract the audio (with ffmpeg) from our mp4 videos into mp3s for Alexa to play.

I followed the basic FB tutorial and it seriously took less than 45 minutes all in.

Challenges I ran into

None. Seriously, it was easy AF.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!

What I learned

I really underestimated the Flash Briefing. It's got a 1st class position in the Alexa ecosystem -- so you should take advantage of it. Start marketing your FB skills!

What's next for Wakey Wakey Flash Briefing

I might add different feeds so you can subscribe to tech or sports or specific topics. Also waiting on the video apis for the echo show!!

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