We're all students, and we can all think of one night when we had to stay up until 4am or later to finish a ton of studying or work. Unfortunately, our bodies are not equipped with the mechanisms to naturally stay awake at these hours, and we often find ourselves falling asleep throughout the night.

What it does

Before you start your all nighter, open up Wakey on your phone or laptop, pair it with your Myo device, and select the number of hours that you want to stay awake. Throughout the night, Wakey will keep you company with inspirational quotes, the current time, and when the Myo detects a stabilization in motion -- or a lack of motion -- Wakey will become furious and scold you with endless notifications, a flashing red screen, and loud alarms.

How I built it

Wakey exists as an iOS app and a web app that connects to a Myo armband via Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

Coming into this project, no one on our team knew how to use XCode or a database, which were the key elements of the process. We spent an abnormally long time camping outside of the Apple Sponsor Lounge, for the millions of questions that we anticipated having: how to emit sound, create gradients, etc. Myo has a "bronze-medal" API, which posed many issues. Lastly, our team struggled to stay up late and finish our project, wishing that we could grab our completed app from the future to help us make it in the present.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is proud of having learned how to use Swift and Myo in 24 hours.

What's next for Wakey

We are currently working on a prototype app for Wakey: the web version is in a further stage than the iOS.

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