The inspiration for this project came from the desire to enhance the in-flight entertainment experience for Vueling Airlines passengers. We saw an opportunity to create a fun and interactive game that would not only entertain passengers making a more comfortable experience, but also educate them about their flight destination and would also encourage them to travel to other destinations that Vueling can offer.

What it does

Passengers can connect to the in-flight WiFi network, scan a QR code and start playing our multiplayer quiz game. Input your seat number and compete with fellow passengers in real-time. The game's final scores are grouped by rows, making it a collective win. The winning row is awarded the privilege of disembarking first upon arrival at the destination or other rewards that would make them choose Vueling for another trip.

How we built it

We used a server-client solution that relied on websockets to enable real-time communication between the server and the app. The server component of the project was built with the Java programming language and the Spring Boot framework. This provided a robust and scalable backend solution that could handle the demands of the game and ensure a smooth user experience. The client app served to users was developed with React, which is a popular and versatile front-end development framework. This allowed us to create a modern and responsive user interface that was easy to navigate and interact with. To ensure that passengers could enjoy the game during their flight without an internet connection (because the devices must be in airplane mode), we served the React project and Java server on the same local network. This setup allowed all clients connected to this network to view and use the game, without requiring an internet connection.

Challenges we ran into

We had never used the websocket protocol before, and we had some problems to brodcast data (each quiz question) from the server to all the connected clients. It took time but we finally got it working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are quite proud of having a fuctional prototipe of the app, that runs on a local network and is accecible offline by many clients/ passangers. We also like our simple but cute front-end.

What we learned

We leart a crazy lot, some of has had never built a UI before and we got a react app working connected to websockets.

What's next for Vueljoy

Adding more kinds of games inside, so passangers can choose what "game room" to join.

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