VTA Transport Fare:

An app that lets You know how much you needs to Pay on VTA transports anywhere you Go by leveraging SMS. No Registration is Required. Do you lost your Destination. Do you wants to know how much you have to pay to go anywhere you like by riding on VTA Buses. Do you want to know map the direction and estimated time it will take you to arrive to your destination by riding on VTA Buses.

This app is for You. Call up the application. Just simply Dial or text the Route ID (eg. 101) or the Route Name (eg PALO ALTO)and the app will tell you how much you needs to pay based on VTA Route Prices and also send it to your Mobile Phone via SMS.

The app will also show you To and Fro Route covered by VTA Transit Agency based on that very Route ID. For instance Dailing or texting Route ID: 102 or Route Name: PALO ALTO will show you VTA Transit TO and Fro Route coverage of

PALO ALTO <--------------------> SOUTH SAN JOSE.

The Displayed Information also shows a Navigational Map with turn by turn direction on the right side of the map. The map will also show you an estimated time coverage between the destinations.......


Only work for VTA Transit Agency.

Platform of Availability:

Its a Mobile Web App and thus allow accessibility on all Platform including Android, IOS, Windows, BB, Desktop, Laptops etc. Any Mobile Phone that can browse can use it.

Built With

  • sms
  • vta-api
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