We are designing a device to be used by military personnel experiencing PTSD.


With the hackathon occurring during Veterans day we couldn’t help, but think of all the sacrifices those soldiers made for us and for our country. To acknowledge their bravery and service, we decided to create a hack that would focus on a problem common to most military personnel - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What it does

There are four main features to the project:

Section 1: About Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Allows the user to explore a virtual landscape to learn more about PTSD, who it affects, its symptoms and treatments, as well as, outside organization working to help military personnel experiencing PTSD. Also provides an explanation of the project to the user

Section 2: Simulation Alongside medication, PTSD is also treated by using Exposure Therapy, which essentially is forcing the patient to relive and think about the traumatic experiences they went through. The ultimate goal behind this therapy is to help the person come to terms with what they experienced and realize what is triggering their PTSD, in order to overcome the symptoms they are experiencing and move toward a normal life. The Simulation Section provides recreations of traumatic war experiences to help the soldiers relive some of the scenarios they went through during their time in the army. The intensity of the simulation can be varied depending on the requirements of each patient

Section 3: ASMR ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response This section helps with insomnia - one of the symptoms of PTSD Using specific relaxation sounds and techniques, ASMR in the section helps the patient to sleep, relax and briefly escape from the anxiety caused by PTSD

Section 4: Need Help? In this section, there is a virtual therapist who will speak with with user, if they are feeling overwhelmed by a certain scene or simulation

How we built it

We build the project using Unity and scripts in C# and JavaScript

Built With

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