as a front-end developer, I always think about how can I add panoramic images and videos to my web apps using React.js, so I decided to create this tutorial to help the React.js community to move forward 💪

What it does

a Step by step tutorial that helps the React.js community to create and add VR content to their apps 🔽

🔵 VR Tour app helps us to Have an immersive experience inside our React.js applications by adding 360° views 🏞

we are so free to move as in real-life we can get too much clear content and have the choice to move between rooms & places.

How I built it

the WeLearn project was built with React.js + React 360

Challenges I ran into

finding technique that doesn't slow down the rendering of the parent web page

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

realizing my idea by teaching it to someone ( the best way to learn is to become the teacher 😅)

What I learned

more of JS, React360, working under pressure

What's next for VR Tours

manipulating react360 app from the parent web page

Built With

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