VR Rooms (IMVU)


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VR Rooms is a "Hands Free" first-person social experience for emerging virtual reality platforms. The first releases are focused on Mobile VR such as Google Cardboard and Gear VR. Once you have signed into IMVU and selected someone to chat with, you will be signed into the VR Room with that player. Once in VR mode, the gaze or where you are looking is the only input used. You can walk around the room and soon interact with objects and sit down, etc. Only using gaze as input allows people with disabilities and those without controllers to play. The game also takes advantage of the full 360 degree movements possible with Mobile VR, and is definitely a candidate for a comfortable "swivel chair" experience.

Controls & Mechanics

Sign into IMVU, find someone to chat with. Once in VR the game is entirely controlled with gaze. Hands-free! Back button on your phone will make you leave a VR room and return to the main menu.

Use Of Avatar: You become your avatar in this jaw-dropping first-person experience.

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Social: Chat with friends, make new relationships, socialize in VR!

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Creativity and Originality: One of a kind social experience for Mobile VR that lets IMVU users experience their avatar like never before.

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Completeness: Polished, works great, it's already published on Google Play!

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User experience: IMVU users old and new will fall in love with socializing in brand new ways.

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Comfortable locomotion techniques, easily travel the world with gaze only:

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  • Unity 5.2.0f3 Pro
  • IMVU API v0.3.4
  • Google Cardboard SDK v0.5.1

All bleeding edge technologies and we are proud to announce our game also runs great on Gear VR hardware! A lot of effort has been put into learning mobile VR's current capabilities, fine tuning optimizations, and learning best methods for VR development. We believe APK size, loading times, battery usage/heat, very high framerates, are all critical to mobile VR development.


Our team is composed of a game designer & developer, Ryan Zehm founder of NurFACE GAMES.

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