This game was inspired by helicopter missions in popular first person shooters. I enjoyed those levels greatly and thought VR would be a great fit for them.

In this game, you fly around in a helicopter in VR shooting down boats using your head to aim the helicopter's gatling gun.

I built this game using Unity 3D, and made all the models in Blender.

Making dynamic collision detection work would have taken much longer than 24 hours because my simulation wasn't based on Unity's physics engine, so instead I made the game over water and added a height limit. Getting the cockpit view and sound balance just right for the sake of immersion was also a major challenge.

I'm proud of the fact that I put together this 3D VR game all by myself, of the fact that I created an algorithm to dynamically add and remove audio sources in order to properly handle the gatling gun sounds, of how immersive the game feels due to the emphasis on balancing sounds correctly and the VR, and of how I utilized the Oculus' head tracking for an actual control mechanic and not just for looking around.

I learned how to properly handle VR in Unity (specifically how it affects the camera's positioning), and I also learned how to create a complex movement simulation without relying on the physics engine; Unity's physics engine would have made the game too hard to control if I used it for the helicopter controls, so I wrote my own algorithm for controlling it an a way that's more arcade-y, but doesn't kill suspension of disbelief.

I want to add a heads up display, make the enemies shoot back, add collision detection, create better models with a more realistic cockpit, and add mission objectives.

NOTE: You MUST play this game with an Oculus Rift and an Xbox controller for the full effect. The left analog pans the helicopter, the right analog turns it around, the triggers ascend and descend, and the A button fires.

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