Current methods of physical therapy for stroke victims and others who are mobility-impaired are both expensive and very inconvenient as they rely on going into a clinic and performing exercises on an expensive machine. Research has shown that VR therapy is a very effective alternative, but the current solutions are both still expensive and unwieldy. However, by using the much cheaper oculus rift for VR and myos and leap-motion for measuring motion, we have been able to make a cheaper, more effective physical therapy device that patients can even use from the comfort of their own home.

First, a patient makes an account that all his or her exercises will be associated with using our companion mobile app. Then he or she can easily perform a suite of exercises using the the oculus rift. These are fun, mini-game exercises that each employ motions used in real physical therapy. These range from a exercises based around using one's arms to deflect projectiles, testing both arm mobility and reaction time, to an object lifting exercise that tests range of motion. Detailed measurements are recorded by the attached Leap Motion, Myos, and phones. The user can analyze this data by him/herself, or have his/her doctor log in to our mobile app and view a sophisticated dashboard showcasing both analysis and visualizations of the patient's performance and past progress on these exercises. This allows for a doctor to stay up to date on a patient's condition easily.

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