We've built this website to ensure eligible voters can vote, regardless of circumstances that may prevent them from voting in person. The goal is to increase voter turnout and remove barriers that are stopping people from contributing to their government.

What it does

Blockchain allows the election host to enter candidates, authorize specific users, and save and record data such as the total number of votes, and total votes per candidate. The website is a simple UI for voters to select their candidates and vote.

How we built it

To build this website, we've used Vuetify, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Powershell, Solidity and Shell as our programming and script languages.

Challenges we ran into

The three of us are new to the blockchain which meant spending a lot of time learning blockchain and Solidity using platforms like Github, youtube, and other blogs or forums. This was also our first time using Vuetify, which meant we also needed to learn how to use Vuetify and their packages, as well as connect our blockchain code to the website created through Vuetify.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ability to work so well as a team, compromising on times to meet regardless of different time zones, successfully delegating tasks, and producing a product we are all proud of. We all agree to continue working on this project and growing together as coders, continuously supporting and encouraging each other.

What we learned

The most important thing we've learned besides learning a new programming language is teamwork and collaboration. The three of us were strangers before Hackusama, thus we needed to learn how to adapt and accommodate to each other’s working methods. It was far from easy initially as we were all new to blockchain, novices to online Hackathons, and lived in three different countries. In the end, we were able to share our knowledge and strengths, learn a language together, and produce our Voting and Elections project.

What's next for Voting and Elections

Our future goals are to create a sign in the user's face and present the current voting tallies once a voter has submitted their vote. Eventually, we also hope to include more security features to ensure confidentiality and security.

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