The inspiration Last summer one of our members went to a power station visit as part of their internship program. We are surprised to find out that the safety protocol involves a verbal confirmation over the phone and paper-based tags to regulate safety. We decided that a more robust solution is required to keep workers safe and prevent accidents.

The Idea We building an AR-based system to indicate whether a piece of machinery is being worked on by a user. The AR overlays the camera image with a red box to indicate whether someone is carrying out maintenance work on a piece of machinery and a green box to show no work is currently being done there. This information would be accessible by the control center and other workers to indicate to warn them to not touch the component (or accidentally switch it back on).

Building We broke the team up into two parts. We had a code development team to work with Java and Android Studio on the AR Core to understand, learn and use it to build a working demo of the app. We had a design team to design, model and render the custom 3D objects to overlay on the detected image.

Sceneform is a 3D framework, with a physics-based renderer, that's optimized for mobile, and that makes it easy for Java developers to build augmented reality apps. We also used Google's ARCore sample applications as reference to help us create this tailored solution.

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