VolHacks ( Parkit App )

Created by:

Muhammad Salad, Abas Shekh, Cody Hill, and Trevon Williams

App Idea

The basic idea of the app uses ardiuno to count the amount of cars going and leaving a parking garage using the Arduino Uno's ultrasonic senor, to ensure reliablilty of apps car count. The Ardiuno connects to a Firebase server built on Amazon's webservices, running in a virtual machine. ( We didn't have a wifi shield for the Arduino but we have proof of being able to manipulate the data in Firebases JSON file. ) The Android app we used to allow the users to connect, utilies Firebase to get accurate open parking slot numbers in parking garages around campuses. We incorprated esri's geo mapping to provide a beautiful UI experience, which allowed us to apply navigation and useful description of Campus's.

API's used

  • Esri / Argc
  • AWS
  • FireBase

Copyright 2016 CharlotteHack

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