I inspired this idea from the iron movie like tony stark create a J.A.R.I.V.S own artifical intelligence from him. I have created a own A.I for me with the name of S.E.R.I.N.A with the help of the python.

What it does

it helps like to open chrome, wikipedia, telling time and date

How I built it

With the help of the python and github and some modules used

Challenges I ran into

First challenge is to dowloaded the correct modules of the AI and make 100% working prototype.

Accomplishments that I proud of

I proud to make a partically working A.I that helps to Physically challenged persons beacause it needs a helper to open this file.

What I learned

I learned the python modules below

  1. pyttsx3 - convert text to speech from the program.

  2. speech_recognition - convert the speech of the user to A.I assistant. Since we’re building an Application of voice assistant, one of the most important things in this is that your assistant recognizes your voice (means what you want to say/ ask).

  3. webbrowser- used to open the websites like google and wikipedia.

  4. datetime -used to know the current date and time for the blind persons using the help of SERINA.

  5. wikipedia - it helps to find an article in the wikipedia. Wikipedia is a great source of knowledges we have used the Wikipedia module to get information from Wikipedia or to perform a Wikipedia search.

What's next for Voice Assistant using python

To make a application in the google play store and need to help the physically challenge peoples

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