Who wouldn't want to increase their vocabulary in an easy and fun way?

What it does

This skill builds on the creativity of the online community at where for many years the online community has curated an interesting and unique vocabulary word of the day.

How I built it

The skill uses RSS feeds to retrieve JSON about the word of the day or week and then formats this information for Alexa (originally for voice, but now due to this challenge, the screen is significantly improved with APL)

Challenges I ran into

Only minor challenges, an initial problem was that to create a new skill using APL there was no blueprint available, I had to use the CLI to upload the modules required.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was happy to find I could format the screen using APL, easily support the various Alexa devices with screens and provide additional features to users of this Alexa skill.

What I learned

I learned about APL, about using http get and promise to retrieve results.

What's next for Vocabulary Word of the Day

When users ask for the Week keyword I would like to provide a list of words and then provide the touch area so users would just select word 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 instead of listing all the words automatically. I could add a new keyword called Random that digs into the available archive of words.

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