We want more people to learn how to cook for themselves! What greater opportunity to learn how to cook in a semi-realistic environment than in VR?

What it does

This VR application simulates a semi-real safe cooking environment in which children or anyone can play in. The purpose of the application is to expose young children/anyone to learn how to cook for themselves. We also want to facilitate some learning in the cooking process as well! Feel free to put objects together and throw the fruit. Most objects are grab-able.

How we built it

We used C# and the Unity3D framework to work with the 3D models in our VR application. The VIVE VR equipment was the medium we used in our development. It is the main display element.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us were new to the Unity3D framework and developing applications for VR. We were limited to free assets so complex models were hard to find. This slowed our progress and the main purpose of our project which was to make a the kitchen VR educational. We ended up only implementing the main cooking components of the application rather than the educational aspects. We hope to eventually implement an education feature mostly using measuring cups as a feature portion of steps. Walking in the vive proved to be a difficult challenge. We chose to use a touch-pad feature because the space we had to work in didn't give enough room to walk around a virtualized kitchen, and so we needed an additional movement method. At first, the touch movement was a challenge because it was too sensitive, and our world had small items that were close together. Being able to move with more precision was a lot more user friendly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build a demo-able VR application for the first time. -certain elements of food we can cut -set the scene in creative ways to simulate real-world elements (instruction sheet, doors, fridge) -you can grab objects at any angle -you can swap objects between hands (try juggling fruits)

What we learned

Doing things bare-bones can waste alot of time and implementing our own assets should only be done when we really need it;however difficult this was, it was a great learning process to learn how to get creative when combing different objects in vr.

What's next for Vive aLa Kitchen VR

Implement the more educational aspects of our VR application! The team also hopes to explore more features of VR in the future.

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