5% of cancer patients are enrolled in clinical trials.

80% of trials do not meet their enrollment timelines and are delayed.

It costs companies millions per day in lost revenue for every day of delays.

We wanted to enable people to share their data with researchers in a more secure way so that more people could get the medicine they needed, and more researchers can work on creating faster miracles.

What it does

We used NuCypher's Proxy Re-encryption scheme to create a proof-of-concept of how someone could share their data with multiple different researchers in a secure way. Using this new encryption scheme someone can share their encrypted data with a proxy, share their preferences of who should have access, and leave knowing that their data won't be accessed in ways they didn't approve of. Moreover, this access is time limited as well.

To do so, we integrated with 1uphealth, a sort of "Plaid for healthcare data," and are able to pull real health data from health

Challenges we ran into

A lot of packages are not well-suited for Windows. It is not apparent or easy to fix many of the problems that accompanied this. Also my plane was delayed a lot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrated and got access to real health data. Made a working proxy re-encryption PoC using that health data! Used Squarelink to make a great user login experience.

What we learned

A lot about NuCypher. A lot about access to data. A lot about smart contracts and Ethereum development.

What's next for Vitas Match

  • Deepening our smart contracts
  • Integrating with decentralized identity
  • Creating a more robust UI
  • Exploring business models

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