We wanted to give people with difficulty hearing the option to experience music in a new way.

What it does

Our program converts a given song or audio file into an abstract piece of art.

How we built it

Using 16bit PCM-Signed .WAV files, we split the two stereo channels and get the separate frequency bands from each. Using these frequency bands, we draw out a scene on a canvas until a full image is created.

Challenges we ran into

Decoding audio files into a workable format was a huge challenge. We were forced to learn and use Fast Fourier transform to convert the samples into their respective bands.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning about audio and how it works is a new field of computer science for us and it was great fun.

What we learned

How to handle audio files and convert the data within them into visuals.

What's next for Visuaudio

We would like to incorporate 3D scenes with the image generator. Right now we are limited to 2D, but 3D is a stretchgoal. We would also like to convert this program into a workable app that can take the user's music and create abstract wallpapers for their phone.

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