Inspiration As i successfully completed my course for node and mongo and was looking to create an application using this technologies, so one of my friend suggest me about this platform....

What it does It's the basic application which can add your video idea and also you can edit or delete it

How I built it I built it with node js, jquery and mongoDB

Challenges I ran into There are some errors while completing it but as i mentioned i successfully completed my course in node js and mongoDB recently so there are not very huge challange i face while developing it........As i am recently graduate and working in a software company as a software Engineer i hardly get the time in night only to develop it and some weekend's also.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned As i was not having much idea about developing an application alone i get to learn and also i develop this application using visual studio (this what new i get to learn) as in past i was working with webstorm.

What's next This the very basic app which i made so for next i keep on learning about these technology and soon will develop an big application on my self

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