Growing up in a generation deeply connected with the internet, we acknowledge that there will always be hateful and cruel comments aimed at seriously affecting people's lives and mental health. As a solution, we created Vibe Check, a platform through which users are guaranteed a positive web surfing experience, filtered of negativity, hate speech, and offensive comments.

What it does

This chrome extension utilizes javascript to web-scrape all of the text data displayed on a given website, then feeds this text through a natural language processing and sentiment analysis machine learning model. The ParallelDots API employed in this extension provides the negativity rating for the text data which allows us to filter out potentially harmful text.

How we built it

As everyone on the team was inexperienced at Javascript and chrome extension development, we first sought out mentors as well as open-source development tutorials. From there we split the team into groups consisting of API interfacing, web-scraping, and browser editing. The team that was tasked with Language analysis, vetted several different API's including the Google Natural Language Processing API, until we arrived at the Parallel Dots API. We used the ParallelDots Natural Language Processing API to detect if comments or texts within a web page are hateful or not. The web-scraping team attempted to interface the Beautiful Soup and Requests libraries in python, but for better cohesion, switched to a Javascript based web-scraper. To build the actual chrome extension we researched the packages necessary to create a chrome extension. We found that we needed css, html, json, and js files. These files were placed into a folder which was then unloaded using the developer mode provided to create chrome extensions.

What I learned

We learned how to make a chrome extension using JavaScript and use Natural Language Processing API.

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