We were inspired by the idea of having to move civiliation to another planet, but rather than choose Mars, a planet that these days is spoken about frequently, we went with Venus, which in many ways is a better option. Games like sim city 2000, fall out shelter and even animal crossing were inspirations for the game.

What it does

Venusian Village is a base-building game in which the user expands bases above the clouds of Venus, causing the population to grow along with other resources. The user could face catastrophes such as acid rain that would hurt their civilization

How we built it

Venusian Village is a full stack application, we used mongodb (atlas) for our database and we made our own REST API with Flask for our backend. For the front end, we decided to use pygame.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we ran into was the fact that pygame has a lack of state management. This made working with the backend much more challenging. Another thing that gave us a challenge is when we would sometimes use multithreading parts to synchronously run code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're super happy to have a fully fledged application that is full of great graphics, great music, and function code. We did research to back up our product and what we wanted to make.

What we learned

Through this, we learned a lot about all different aspects of a product. Some of our team members learned more about the backend, some about the database, and then some of the front end.

What's next for Venusian Village

We were super passionate about the project and there's a ton of features that we wanted to add. For starters we had a multitude of people sprites we made that we wanted to include into the front end. We also wanted to include more user events like the "Acid Rain."

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