With more money then they know what to do with, single, millennial software engineers and designers in ever rising tech economies around the world crave unforgettable memories. The demand for experience-centric travel & vacation destinations has never been more sought after or relevant. Often, price doesn't matter and let's face it, they really don't care and are likely to forget entirely about the flight or hotel. Young travelers want a place where they can go and explore the realm of possibilities for their next sabbatical not be afraid to dream about seemingly unreachable "dream" vacations" at the click of a button.

Veique (pronounced "Vay-kay," short for "Vacation") is an all-in-one travel experience booking platform. By simply entering a desirable destination and timeframe, Veique allow users to browse the most exciting (and often non-mainstream) local events and attractions in exotic locations all around the world. The fact that many of the events and excursions found within Veique are personally hosted by a local resident of the selected destination for a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Once a user selects an event, they are then presented with a handful of best-in-class travel packages at varying price points. Users will simply select a package, review their itinerary and book their Veique.

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