Valligator vFramework 0.1

What is the Valligator Framework?

The Valligator Framework provides a standard way for creating validations and tests for any HTTP enabled project. This framework is required for setting up a Valligator front-end.

The code is PHP based and allows users to share validation or test modules with other users.

Requirements: Apache MySQL PHP

Installation: 1. Clone the git repository and place the code in a web accessible folder. git clone 2. Run the installer that sets up the database connections and initializes the database cd vFramework/install ./ (Linux/MAC OS)

Term Definitions

Modules - are objects that contain the actual validation or testing code. Module Config - objects outline what data is needed to successfully run a Module Tasks - are a specific instance of the validation code. They are scheduled to run at a certain time, have a status and return the results of the validation. Task Parameters - contain all the information needed to be loaded into the Modules at runtime. Executor - this object handles the actual loading and running of the validation modules.

How Does it Work?

Once Modules and Tasks are configured, they are given a scheduled runtime that is stored in the MySQL database. A cron task runs every minute and checks if any tasks need to be executed. If a task needs to be executed, it is passed to the Executor and run. All the results are stored in the database for retrieval by the Valligator front-end.

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