The pandemic situation has brought many to lost their jobs, not everybody has a laptop or computer to surf the web searching for some jobs opportunities, but almost 90% in Mexico has a smartphone, Alexa could be helpful

What it does:

The Skill ask for two specific things, the job name and the city name where to look for a job, after receiving the job-city the skills perform a search in a database which contains lots of job vacancies over the Mexico country, if there is a coincidence the skill name the information to the user, delivers an email to the user to introduce him/her with a volunteer crew that are experts and specialists in job search technics, the user has the option to reach those volunteers or not by answering the email the skill has sent em.

How I built it:

Using VoiceFlow resources, a bit of javascript in somo of the voiceflow blocks, the jobs vacancies database its been feeded everyday throgh volunteers arround the Mexico Country. The database its exported to Dropbase to be live and linked to the skill

Challenges I ran into:

To learn a bit of javascript and understand how to better take advantage of the VoiceFlow resources.The certificatoin process wasnt that easy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

To have that skill live and helping people to searching for a job using their smartphone without having the budget to afford a laptop o PC.

What I learned;

Patience and that I need to learn more about programing language.

What's next for Vacantes Bienestar y Autosuficiencia,

to automate the update of the job database (it's manually by now), to enrich its intents to better understant a more wide range of job vacancy names.

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