Most of us spend time outdoors exposed to the sun. Unfortunately, we tend to step out unprotected from the harmful UV rays.

UV and Me is amazing app calculates your Sun Protection Factor (SPF) requirement to help shield you.

You can also set reminders that tell you when to cover up!

Best of all, this intelligent app’s features can be used standalone either on your Gear, the latest Gear S or your mobile device or even integrated since it syncs data automatically between all!

Get Smart… It’s time to cover up!

App Features:

  • Easy to use. Simply feed in and enjoy piece of mind.
  • Calculate your personalized Sun Protection Factor (SPF) requirement on Gear or mobile device.
  • Setup personalized reminders on Gear device or mobile device to alert you when to cover up.
  • View & edit reminders on Gear device or mobile device.
  • View reminder pop-up alerts on Gear device or mobile device or both.
  • Reminder functions include repeat, snooze and sound control.
  • View information on UV, SPF and skin types.
  • Compatible with Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear S.

What’s New:

  • Now also supports the new Galaxy Gear S (360x480).
  • If available, utilises the Gear S’s built in UV Index feature to display the current UV Index.
  • SPF calculator function added on Gear devices.
  • View & edit reminders function added on Gear devices.
  • Information section added on Gear devices.
  • Help feature added on Gear devices and mobile devices.
  • Auto sync added between Gear devices and mobile devices.

App Certification:

  • UV and Me with all the new enhanced features has passed certification and is being distributed on Samsung GALAXY Apps Store since 17th September 2014. It supports Gear 2 (320x320) and Gear S (360x480).
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