Team Cats 😸 Presents: Distance Learning/Working tool: Fast savable text editor


I had this idea some time ago and I decided that this hackathon was the time to make it. I had often needed a text dump like this so I sometimes just used another one of my projects that also had an <textarea> on it, or just inspected a random webpage and put it there. I had been thinking of doing a different project (If you are curious, it was going to be the "most useless js library ever" [Which is also I accidentally set the url of this devpost submission to this]), and after the prompt was announced, I was almost out of ideas, but then it popped into my mind that this was related to the theme of distance since it helps with a distance learning/teaching/working.

What it does

For the times where you need a text dump to hold on to something (a URL, a sentence, a username, a piece of code, some notes, etc), but your clipboard is full and you're too lazy to open notepad or something. Though this may just seem like a glorified Text Editor, I tried to make it much more than that. My design principles are to make it useful, easy, and fun. The various features I had planned to work on changed a lot through the day. The finished product contains two cut/copyable text boxes, a length analyzer, a basic rich text editor, and an editor that could store text in localStorage. Each tool can be opened and closed at will.

How I built it and challenges I ran into

I did not have a team so I had to make the code by myself. I ran into hordes of bugs every step of the way, but through tenacious endurance, I finally worked my way through all of the HTML and js objects and selector problems and stuff. The most satisfying feeling in the world is when you have spent an hour debugging localStorage (and foolish syntax errors) and then out of the blue, it WORKS!


During this arduous development process, I looked at umpteens of Stackoverflow pages, jillions of W3schools pages, squillions of Mozilla Developer Network pages, and the occasional blog or other tutorial page. I thank those creators for the information that made this project possible. Thanks to replit for hosting.

What I learned

I learned many things throughout this development process and this was a really gratifying journey.

What's next for Distance Learning/Working tool: Fast savable text editor.

I honestly do not have much planned, but if you want a feature drop a comment here

P.S. If this markdown somehow backfires and does not render please do not take points for that.

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