Inspiration - The amount of people that gets injured during work incident are significant. We believe these kind of injuries can be minimized by Virtual Reality Simulation.

What it does- We used unity to make a Virtual Reality Simulation of the work space with real life situation where they have to answer quetions and get graded about their knowledge there work space.

How I built it- We used Unity and C# to make the Vitual Reality work space. We also used Andriod studio and Google carboard to make it afforedable for everone

Challenges I ran into - It was hard to Implement the Virtual Reality work space and setting the questions on the plateform.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- having the ability to work outside of the classroom and practice developing technology for the service of others.

What I learned is that the largest difficulty in Unity Engine may be the un-documented bugs and errors that come with new releases

What's next for URSHIPSAFTEY

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