We thought arcade game that could feel more real and more exciting. Racing was something we could all relate to and thought there was potential so we went with it.

You are the driver of a car in VR and are playing online against three other races. You can drive with the leap motion and control your view with the Oculus. You can also play with only a leap motion to have fun driving. Lastly can have nothing and just use keys to play.

We used the Oculus DK2 and Leap Motion on Unity to create the game. It first figuring out steering and then server to play the game on. Then we finally added the small details as time went on and we thought of better features.

I ran into how to control steering from the hands. We realized as we drove that locations and axis changed so we couldn't rely on just one. We had to use a vector and work from there. We also ran into the problem of playing on a server from different computer which was very difficult. Lastly we ran into the problem of cameras taking over the last creation and we had to give everyone there own view.

I am very proud of our entire project. We accomplished hand recognition which was really good with the Leap Motion. The two hardest parts of the project where first the server which was something nobody on the team had work with before so that was a long and challenging process. Lastly that we had to overcome the creation of pointers that kept taking over the last creation. We lastly added some good last features as a fence to stop from going in the water, a minimap for all players, keeping track of position, and not starting until all players are ready.

I have learned a lot about hand control on the leap motion. Also a lot about the effort to put a game on the server and getting it to run. We learned that making a game is very complex and definitely not enough time to finish a perfect game but an amazing experience.

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