Impact in my local community

The goal is to help students at my university when registering for classes by making the course selection process more transparent and informative.


I've seen similar projects at other universities and thought it would be awesome to built one for my university and help thousands of students.

What it does

The web application shows the grade distributions for each course and semester from the past five years at my university.

How it was built

Tableau is used for the data visualization that's embedded on a React app. Many great KendoReact components were used to help accomplish various UI tasks that would otherwise take more time! The project is hosted on Firebase.

Mobile support

The web app is designed to be responsive that looks good on all devices thanks to KendoReact, which made the process easy to do. The link to the code: source and a link to a video showcasing the web app with different devices: video

Challenges I ran into

This was the first time using React and I would say learning React while building this project was definitely challenging. KendoReact actually made it really easy using their components straight out of the box!

Accomplishments and what I've learned

The Worthy Web App Challenge presented a perfect opportunity for me to learn React and KendoReact while building something that can impact my local community. I have come to really liking React and will continue building projects with it.

What's next for UNR Grade Distribution

I'll continue adding new features, functionalities and making it more accessible.

Components used


  • Button
  • Animation -> Fade
  • Dialog
  • Form
  • Labels -> Error
  • TabStrip
  • PanelBar
  • Layout -> AppBar

Built With

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