My team of remote developers want to focus on Fintech this month leading up to Christmas.

What it does

We noticed that PayPal offers a very limited service to users in less developed countries. We are concerned that this increases the disadvantages faced by developers.

How I built it

We worked over zoom and shared screens to get the account re-set. Then a test payment was sent. Following on form this it was not able to be received.

Challenges I ran into

We posted the problem into the PayPal community discussion. Then Michael discovered that the PayPal which is available in Nigeria cannot receive payments, but it can be used to hold money.

This month I had an attempted fraud related to PayPal from my eBay listing of a computer. The individual appeared to be using poorly formatted (CSS/Java) fake PayPal emails to convince me to send a computer abroad without receiving money.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Small business owners are able to access receiving payments tool.

Looking for cyber secure and real or quality opportunities for remote developers.

What I learned

How to retrieve an account and reset access and login. Which types of customers get which services from PayPal. How to get the services needed as a remote self employed developer.

What's next for Unlocking PayPal payments for Nigeria

What this Space. Michael is looking for work and it is great he will be able to accept payment through PayPal, a secure business finance tool.

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